Your putter should sit flush

Another common error I see many golfers make when putting is that the putter does not sit flush on the ground behind the ball. This occurs so often, especially when the heel of the putter is on the ground but the toe is inches above the ground.

This negatively impacts your putting 3 folds!

Firstly, because only one part of the putter is in contact with the ground, ie the heel, this makes it very easy for the putter to twist in your hands, as well as when you stroke the ball. This results in more difficulty when you’re trying to line up to your target line.

Secondly, because the toe of the putter is in the air whilst the heel is still on the ground, this effectively closes the putter face. Remember your putter would usually have 3-4 degrees of loft on its face. If you have trouble understanding or visualising this, take out your 9-iron and now tilt it so that the toe is in the air. You will see now that the face of the club is aiming left of your target.

Lastly, if by accident you hit the ground with the heel of the putter, the putter face would shut immediately, and you would pull the putt a mile to the left.

So it is very important to fit yourself a putter that sits flush on the ground.

A standard putter comes at 35 inches, and a lie angle of around 71 degrees. It is not my place to say whether a standard length and lie angle would suit you, because it depends on your putting posture and stance. For myself, I’m 5′10″, and my putter is 34&1/4 inches with a lie angle about 68 degrees. I find that this suits me perfectly and I love putting with my putter.

If you do find that the toe of your putter is hanging up in the air, there are a few choices.

  1. Cut the putter down (But the negative consequence of that is the putter will feel dramatically lighter. To combat that, add some lead tapes on the bottom of the putter)
  2. Alter the lie angle so it sits flatter (This option is not available to a lot of cast putters out there. It isn’t easy to change the lie angle of a putter, so definitely see a professional about this one.)
  3. Position your hands higher up at address when you set up (But this one can often be uncomfortable, and you lose some control over the putter in this ulnar deviated position of your wrists. I don’t recommend this to most golfers, unless however it feels comfortable to you.)