What Caused My Putting Yips?

There is no one single cause of the yips. Rather, the Yips are caused by these particular triggers.

First of all, you don’t pick up the correct ideas of putting when you started golf. Haven’t we all heard tips like… keep your head still or keep your left wrist firm? What ever happened to getting the ball into the hole?

Secondly, you develop weak putting fundamentals. We don’t have a putter that fits, the wrong set up, bad advices etc.

Thirdly, we start to miss short putts, (because of the above points) and get frustrated, disappointed or even angry.

Fourthly, this happens again and again and again, and this association of frustration, disappointment or anger intensifies dramatically,  and slowly these feelings transforms into fear. Fear of missing the next 3 footer, fear of looking stupid, fear of other people’s judgments.

And finally, this happens again and again and again. and this feeling of fear becomes more intense and turns into anxiety. This is the point where it is so deep in your psyche, it destroys your putting. At this point also, you may develop physical symptoms that are associated with the yips, such as jabbing at the ball, freezing episodes etc.