Tiger Woods Putting Grip

Tiger woods has a very text book style putting grip. He uses the text book reverse overlap grip.

The back of his left hand always faces the target. This encourages a “weak” position o the left hand, which helps to discourage the hand from rotating excessively during the stroke. This helps to prevent putts missed to the left of the hole due to a pull.

The back of his right hand is parallel to his left hand. The idea is that by placing both hands squarely to the target, it is much easier to keep the putter face square during the stroke. Also it is set up so that the hands work together synergistically instead of fighting.

Tiger Woods Putting Grip

Tiger Woods explains that with his reverse overlap grip, he has the left forefinger laid across the fingers of the right hand, which helps him with a sense of unity. It prevents either hand becoming too dominant during the stroke, yet the feeling is that the hands are not locked together.

Tiger Woods Putting Grip Traditional

Tiger’s right thumb extends down the shaft to a point just below his right forefinger. He describes in his book that, any shorter he will sacrifice control and any longer and he tends to tighten his right hand and wrist. Since it is desirable to have some freedom in the wrists to hinge in the putting grip, it is better not to extend the right thumb too far down the grip.

Tiger’s both thumbs are directly on the top of the handle. This helps both hands to be parallel on the grip. The idea is that he sets up his grip this way to get as much feedback as possible when he swings the putter back and forth.

Tiger Woods Putting Tips