The Putting Yips as a Phobia

Let me give you an analogy so you may understand thoroughly how the putting yips caused and developed, and relate the idea to a phobia.

Let’s say, you fell from your tree house when you were 7 years old, and you broke your arm. Breaking your arm is kind of painful, so it was what you could call a “negative” experience. You consciously may not think too much of it, but subconsciously associate that pain with maybe tree house, or heights. You may not remember the toy that you tripped over to cause you to fall out of the tree house, but you remember the height.

So what happens after that is, you start to build the idea that heights equal pain. This is the start of the negative association loop.
As you grow up, every time somebody suggests the idea of heights, for example, going on the roof, maybe the edge of a cliff, or the observation deck of a tall building, you start to have that same feeling of fear. You fear that you will encounter that pain you once had with the broken arm.

Let’s say, hypothetically, you constantly get this trigger of “heights” and therefore you feel the fear. (Of course, on the golf course, the fear of putting comes around very often as you have to putt on every hole).

What happens is this, heights = pain/fear, heights = pain/fear, heights = pain/fear. The more this happens, and the more intense this happens, the more ingrained it is that you will feel pain/fear associated with the heights.

After a while, it isn’t just a thought in your head, it may not even just be a feeling or emotion that you have, it becomes in your physical body.  When it gets into your physical body, this is the deepest level of association you can have. This is the symptom that you hear about regarding yips, where the golfer freezes over putts, or has uncontrollable twitches.

The putting yips is basically the same as a phobia that takes part in your physical body.

The Putting Yips is all about FEAR! Once we tackle the fear, we can cure the yips!