Putting with Doubts or Confidence

You must never putt with doubt.

You must never putt without confidence.

Yes, you heard correctly. You must never putt without confidence. I’m sure you know and feel to some extent, that putting is all about confidence. If you are confident with your putting, you are sure to sink more putts than if you are doubtful.

When you are doubtful, you create incongruences in your body and mind. If you mind and body doesn’t have a specific direction, then anything can happen!

Take a look at all the tour players they all have different and interesting ways of putting. One thing is for sure and that is the most successful putters on tour are the ones who are the most confident. Unfortunately most golfers think that if you putt well first, then you will be confident. Nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that if you are confident to start with, you will putt well, and gain more confidence. So it becomes a positive reinforcing loop!

It all starts from being in the state of confidence and certainty when you putt and straightaway this will start your momentum of excellent putting.

Think about this for a moment, hasn’t there been a time when you sunk a few putts in a row and you almost felt like you couldn’t miss? I’m sure you have felt a sense of confidence deep down inside in those moments. That is the state that you must be at all times when you putt in the future! Imagine how many putts you could and will sink then!?!

Unfortunately what most golfers do is to go on the practise green and practise their putting, hoping that they might stumble across some confidence. That is a very ineffective way of creating confidence! I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. You must work on your confidence before you start putting away. Unfortunately it is never taught anywhere on how to improve your confidence!

You will not find it in golf magazines, you will not find it in golf books, and you local pro will most likely not know anything about it.

This is the key to putting.