Putting Tips for Your Putting Alignment

Poor alignment in putting will cause huge problems in your putting.

Think about it logically first, if you are aligned 5 inches to the left of the hole, and your target is right at the hole, what will happen?

Either you hit it straight, and miss the hole 5 inches to the left.

Or push it (for right-handers) just the right amount and it goes in the hole.

Or over compensate for it and push it too far to the right and therefore missing the hole to the right.

By aligning yourself poorly, you have to compensate to get the ball where you want it to go. And the more compensations, the harder it is for you, the golfer to play well.

This is the reason why a lot of golfing professionals tell you to “Set up square at address”. But what does that mean?

It means that you need to keep your shoulders, hips, knees, and feet in a straight line and parallel to your aimline.

Do I agree with that? Not entirely.

I agree that the putter should align exactly where you want the ball to go. But shoulders, hips, feet are debatable.

Look at Jack Nicklaus, the best player of his time. He had his trade mark open stance when putting. Yet that didn’t affect him. In fact, his idea was that if your stance was slightly open, that allows you to see the target line a bit better. And his stroke helped him to “push” the ball to his target line.

Jack states that “Consistency on the greens requires that the putter face be square to the intended line both at address and upon contact with the ball…”

Another example would be Jim Furyk, who prefers a closed stance when putting.

I know that modern putting coaches like Dave Pelz likes to teach having everything aligned perfectly. It is almost as if putting is a science and not much of an art form.

I can talk you through how to align your whole body so that it’s parallel to the target (which is also important on full shots), but I feel like it isn’t very important overall for your putting success.

However, having your putter aligned correctly, does make a huge difference.

I strongly believe that on those days that your putting is red hot on target, it’s partially because your putter alignment is perfect. The reason is that when your putter alignment is perfect, your body subconsciously knows that it doesn’t need to perform any compensatory movements to get the ball started on the right line. So you relax more, and hit straighter putts, and as the round progresses, you sink more putts and your confidence is boosted.

Work on your putter alignment more than your body alignment.