Putting Drills for the Yips

If you think just by working on some random putting drills and you’d fix your yips, then you probably wouldn’t be here right now.

Just by putting alone will not improve your confidence or cure the yips. Just like by playing golf alone, it will not necessarily improve your golf.

I must say, there are certain drills I would recommend for golfers with the yips, but these are very specific drills and it incorporates a lot more than just putting. Certain drills like the coin drill or visualization drill, are easy to do and achieve our goal here.

The ideal of all the drills and practice is to help the golfer associate more certainty and joy with putting. That’s the whole purpose.

If you go on a practice green to randomly do some putting drills, chances are, you will repeat your habitual patterns and reinforce what isn’t working! You certainly don’t want to do that!