Only Cure For the Putting Yips

It doesn’t matter what kind of therapy or method you choose to use for fixing your yips, to be successful, the method must follow the following set of guidelines.

1.    Work directly to change the association of fear, frustration, disappointment, nervousness and anxiety with putting and your putter. Instead of these “negative” feelings, instead, install and condition positive feelings like certainty, strength, joyfulness and excitement!

2.    Change the pattern of how you move your body when putting. This includes installing a new pre-putt routine. A routine that allows you to line up, feel certainly and pull the trigger smoothly.

3.    Practise short putts with confidence, use drills like the coin drill, clock drill etc. The idea is to practice aiming at the target when you putt. Learn to pick a target and putt towards it.

4.    Continue to reinforce the positive emotions, so celebrate after each putt! Trigger yourself to feel excited and certain at the same time whilst putting. You want the feeling to be so strong that fear would never ever come close to you and your putting.