Losing Presence with Your Putts

One of the easiest things to do when you are having a bad day is to lose presence with your shots. I’m sure we have all done it sometimes, I sure am guilty of losing presence (in other words, losing concentration and focus).

Being present with your putts means you will have to concentrate on giving yourself the best chance of sinking your putts. It means actively reading the putt, picking a target and running through your pre-shot routine, all with the aim of getting the ball into the hole.

Even though this sounds so simple and obvious, you’d be surprised how many golfers lose their presence in putting due to frustration, boredom or disappointment.

The best cure in this case is prevention.

Moreover, the best way to prevent losing presence is to not do it in first place – ever! Catch yourself every single time and practice getting into the routine of concentrating during your pre-shot routine. The more presence you practice on every single putt, the easier it will become for you to trigger that within you in the future.

I know this one takes effort, but remember, what doesn’t take effort isn’t worth doing.