Jim Furyk Cross Handed Putting Grip

Jim Furyk has used the cross handed putting grip since he was very young when his father taught him the basics of putting.

Jim Furyk has this to say about his putting grip…

“My father taught me to grip it with my left hand lower than my right, and my right index finger down the back of the shaft. He said Arnold Palmer and Gary Player told him they wished they had learned that way. It’s easier to use the shoulders and not slap at it.”

The Cross Handed Grip was developed in hope of keeping the left wrist stiff and straight through impact. This left hand under right hand putting grip is designed to increase left-hand control and prevent any hinging or cupping of the left wrist through impact.

The idea is to keep the back of the left hand facing the target for as long as possible. Using this strategy, we are seeing the putter shaft as an extension of our left hand and the back of the left hand is an indication of whether the putter face is square or not.

However in my opinion, this is usually not as comfortable as the conventional reverse overlap putting grip. Maybe it’s because for right handers, it is more natural to grip the club with the right hand lower than the left. Also the fact that your right hand is lower means you are more likely to be in a posture where your right shoulder is lower than the left. This may make it more difficult for you to aim properly at the hole.

Try this grip out, I think the most important factor in deciding to go with this grip is whether it feels natural and comfortable to you or not. If it doesn’t feel comfortable, then I wouldn’t use this grip.

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