Jack Nicklaus Putting Tip

Since a dying ball is affected most by surface irregularities, a special survey of the area ear the hole should be an important part of pre-putt planning.

This is especially critical in periods of slow growth when grass cannot recover easily from the effects of foot traffic which accumulate near the cup. This is especially the case when you play after most of the groups have already passed through, the large amount of foot traffic tends to cause irregularities on the green around the hole. Sometimes it’s possible to find a spiked up blade of grass in line with your putt, (but remember, according to the rules of golf, you are not allowed to fix that blade of grass!)

In negotiating, a 40 foot putt you may wind up poking the ball far past the hole if you base your stroke on the speed requirements of the more visible first 20 feet consider a speed up factor on the final 20 feet and allow for it.

So point is, it’s always good to check what the slope and the grass is like around the hole!