If you’re putting, don’t do this…

Many golfers I have come across are afraid of misjudging the pace of the putt. As a result, they usually misjudge the speed. Putting is another target oriented activity, like throwing a dart and kicking a ball.

Think about it, when you throw an object, for example a ball to someone, you don’t have to think about the intricate details of contracting each and individual muscle in your arm and forearm. You certainly wouldn’t be thinking about how far back you should pull your arm in order to throw it across the room. Putting is the same. You should let your subconscious mind take care of the intricate details and all you should think about is where to hit the ball.

So instead of focusing on how far your backstroke should be, you should….

Get a feel for how hard to hit the putt in your pre-shot routine. Feel for how the ball will roll, especially towards the hole. Then when you are about to execute the putt, think only of the line of your chosen path; your target line. Your subconscious mind should already know exactly how hard or soft to hit the putt.

The idea is that when you have the feel for the putt, you won’t need to think of how hard to hit it.