How to stop Deceleration in Putting

One of the biggest common traits between golfers who miss a lot of shorter putts is that they decelerate in their forward stroke. This fact may sometimes be very difficult to pick up by the golfer who is actually missing the putts, but easy to spot by someone watching.

The reason why deceleration is such a killer and destroyer of putting is that deceleration is usually caused by doubts in the golfer’s mind. Doubt means that you do not have a congruent outcome in mind when you are in action. If you have doubts in your head when you are putting, ie. doubting whether you’ve chosen the right target line to putt along, you will find that you are almost leaving it up to chance whether you will send the ball down the right path.

Here is how to correct the habit of decelerating on your putts.

1. take a very small swing back with the putter. Now to produce the same momentum and power to send the ball the right distance, you will have no choice but to accelerate through the ball.

2. Take shorter and sharper strokes. Focus on the speed in which your putter is traveling through the ball. Look at Tiger Woods’ putting stroke, it is usually very short and sharp.

3. Always accelerate through the ball towards your chosen target line.

Here is a great drill you can practice when you find that you are habitually decelerating.

Place a ball 1 foot away from the hole. set up to the putt, and now instead of taking a back stroke and hitting the ball, I want you to push the ball into the hole. Doing this will definitely force you to accelerate towards the hole, or else you can’t push the ball into the hole.