How to Choose a Putter in a golf store

Most people don’t have a clue as to how to choose a putter when they enter a golf shop.

They usually have an idea of the type of putters, but don’t understand the process of fitting themselves with a putter.

When you walk into a golf shop, there are usually heaps and heaps of different putters, just waiting for you to pick them off the shelf. These are the things you want to know about putters…

Most (I mean 95%) of all putters come at the standard 35 inches, with lie angle around 71 degrees. From experience, this size would fit someone who is 6 foot 1 to 6 foot 4 perfectly. For all us shorter golfers, 35 will most likely be too long, and what tends to happen is the toe of the putter sticks up from the ground when you sit it down.

I am 5 foot 10 and I have a putter that is 34 and a quarter inches. I have the lie bent from 71 to around 68 degrees.

putting tip for belly putters

Unfortunately there isn’t much we can do about the fact that most putters come at 35 inches. There are a few models which you may find that comes at 34 inches, so definitely have a feel of them and see if you like them any better.

The other option is to get your new putter cut down, but the downside to that is the fact that the putter will feel a lot lighter. The swing weight would be changed. To re-adjust the swing weight of the putter, you can add lead tape to the back or bottom of the putter.

On the topic of weights, not all putters weigh the same. You’ll notice, as a general rule, that more expensive putters seem to weigh more. Now personally I have never encountered anyone to complain that their putter is too heavy, they only ever think the putter is too light! The reason being, a light putter makes you feel like you can’t control the club as well as something that is heavier. A heavier putter usually works much better especially when the golfer isn’t too confident over putts.

This is why people sometimes choose broomstick putters or belly putters – because they feel much heavier! (Swing weight off the scales)

But a good fix for a light putter is just to get some cheap lead tape and attach it to the bottom of the putter.

Now, how much does should you spend on a putter?

Well, there’s huge differences between a cheap $30 putter compared to a premium putter (Scotty Cameron, Odyssey etc). Not only do the premium putters feel better, sit better on the ground, they also have better alignment systems (ie, very straight clear cut lines).

I would suggest that you have in mind a budget before purchasing a putter.

Overall, you want a putter that feels good to you, sits well on the ground and also allows you to line up to the hole properly. If you can find a putter that satisfies all 3 criteria, then you have a suitable putter for yourself.

Make sure you take the time to practice some putts in the shop if possible. The most important thing is to focus on how the putter feels to you and also practice a lot of short putts. Why? Because short putts are your bread and butter shots and you want to be 100% confident with them!

putting with scotty cameron putter