Don’t listen to your local golf pro about putting.

Here is why you should never listen to your local pro again.

If you thought that you local golf pro knows their stuff, think again.

By the way, I am not saying this about every teaching professional out there. Frankly. I’ve seen many who are absolutely wonderful and very caring people too. Unfortunately, there are the ones who are just in it for the money, who doesn’t have much value to give.

Let me just ask you this…

Have you ever known a golfer who has had many lessons with a pro, but never seems to get any better? (The truth is, it’s usually not the golfer’s fault, if the pro had given them the absolute perfect advice at those moments, they would bound to improve.)

If you’ve had a few lessons with pros, then have you ever noticed that sometimes the pro would explain something that seems understandable to him but not to you?

Do Professional golf coaches usually guarantee you a result? no, never.

The thing is, I’ve had my share of my coaches in the past, and I don’t want you to go through the same things I did.

So I’m just here to remind you, you need to make sure what you learn will produce great results. You need techniques that will guarantee results. Pros make money from your mistakes. So the more mistakes you have, the more money they can make. Remember that.