Do I have the Putting Yips?

How would you know if you got the yips?

Golfers who suffer from the yips generally speaking, have this uncontrollable ability to miss short putts. Most of us miss short putts here and there, but what classifies us as to have the yips?

Here are my rules as to know if you have it or not…

You don’t have to have involuntary spasms or twitches; you don’t have to have freezing episodes.

Having the yips is having the feeling of extreme nervousness, anxiety and fear when putting, so much so that it impacts how you putt. This may mean you jab at the ball, decelerate, or plainly just go blank and miss the putt.

If you consistently feel like you can’t make short putts, this is the yips!

It’s the lack of confidence, and certainty that gives you the yips.

So if you feel somewhat nervous and anxious over the ball before you putt, and that affects your putting performance, then you can be said to “have the yips”.