Can’t Control My Putting Yips

The yips are not uncontrollable, although they certainly feel that way.

Most of the golfers who are affected by the yips, feel like they don’t have control, because their mind and body together are guided by fear.

If we fear, then we are not in complete control. If we fear, then we are not completely certain.

It is difficult to tell someone with the yips that they can control it. It’s like telling a man with arachnophobia that the giant spider on his neck won’t bite.

The truth is, our brain dictates our actions. It doesn’t matter if you have twitches or spasms, all of that comes from your psyche. If you can change your habitual mindset, you can eliminate any spasms or twitches. There was a study done many years ago on people suffering from schizophrenia. What they found was incredible, that the same people in their different personalities had different eye colors!

That is an indication of how powerful our mind is.

So to control our yips, first we must control our thoughts and feelings.