Ball Position for Putting

There are 2 facets as to where you should have the ball positioned when putting. Here is a tip that will help you find the ideal position to have your golf ball when you’re putting.

These factors are how far the ball is away from your body, and how far forward should you have the ball in relation to your stance.

Let’s look at the first part of it…

It is generally recommended by most professionals that the position of the ball should be directly under your eyes. Their reasoning is usually something like…that if your eyes are over the ball, then you can see the line of the putt better.

However, that is no solid evidence, and maybe just because it works for someone else does not mean it will work for you. Just because someone is 6 foot 5 with very flexible hamstrings can comfortably have their eyes over the ball does not mean another golfer at 5 foot 5 can do the same.

Interestingly enough, 2 major authorities in the area of golf disagree with this idea of eyes directly over the ball.

Scotty Cameron and Phil Mickelson both suggest that the eyes should be slightly inside the line of the ball. The reason is that looking at the average golfer’s posture, it would be more natural to not lean over the ball too much. Also because your putting stroke will naturally be somewhat in an arc, having your eyes inside the line helps to make that putting arc easier to achieve.

So my advice would be, pick a posture where you are comfortable. Inside the line or over the ball can work, as long as you stick to the other basic rules of putting. You want to be balanced and centered in your posture. The truth is, you don’t need to see the ball from a directly vertical angle. Your eyes and brain can detect and work with the 3 dimensional world around you, so don’t be one of those golfers who MUST have their eyes over the ball.

Here are a couple of patterns that are common, but certainly does not happen all the time.

  • Standing too close to the ball will cause your putter to follow an out-to-in path that will send your ball to the left.
  • Standing too far from the ball will cause your putter to follow an in-to-out path that will send your ball to the right.