Balance while you’re putting

The topic of balance is almost never raised in the game of golf, yet it is so essential for a good golf game. In fact, in any sport, the chances are, if you are off balance or have poor balance, you won’t stand a good chance.

Putting is not a very dynamic activity, and so a lot of golfers slack off with their posture and balance. It is crucial that you remain as athletic as possible. The reason for this is that whenever you swing any club, that includes your putter, you change your body’s center of gravity. As any person who has studied physics would know, the more the COG (center of gravity) is in the middle of its base of support, the more stable the structure or object is.

Golf is a one sided sport. The posture involved in putting often leaves the golfer leaning over towards the ball. It is a common idea that your eyes should fall directly over the ball, and this encourages golfers to lean forward further, making it easy for a lot of golfers to fall forwards. This does not encourage good balance. Furthermore, this idea that your eyes should fall directly over the ball is meant for you to see the line of the putt better, but nothing indicates that you will not be able to see the target line better if your eyes were not directly over the ball. Scotty Cameron himself said that the natural posture of a golfer when putting would result in his eyes being on the inside of the line of the ball. Phil Mickelson seconded that opinion. Whether you want your eyes directly over the ball or on the inside is up to you; as long as you can align and aim down the target line properly.

It is easier for taller golfers to have their eyes directly over the ball than shorter players, only because of the their physical structure.

So how do we improve our balance?
Well first of all, be aware of it. Rock back and forth in your putting posture, and you’ll soon realise where you habitually have your weight.

You should evenly place your weight in the middle of both of your feet, creating a solid base of support. Next time, take notice of some pros on tour and notice how balanced they are. The reason is that balance is the foundation of everything else, eg power, agility and timing.