About this Website

NeverMissShortPutts.com was created for one purpose and one purpose only. – TO help golfers around the world improve their putting, improve their putting confidence, and start sinking short putts with ease and certainty.

This means no more yips, (despite what other teachers will say about yips being permanent…), no more shaking or freezing over the ball before your putt, no more feeling that gut level nervousness before you step over a short putt because you can imagine how everyone would look if you’d missed.

Now this isn’t the only putting website out there on the internet. There are literally hundreds.

So how can I promise you results and stand out from all the other putting websites?

I can because I have produced results in my own golf game (that took over 3 years of figuring out), and then I have produced results in hundreds of other golfers of all skills and abilities.

This isn’t about selling you useless putting gadgets or overused drills that never really work. This is about getting down to the core of the problem that the golfer experiences when putting. (And the problem is always psychological FIRST).

So all the tips and training that you will find on this website will firstly help with your psychology of putting, and then the “what to do” strategies. This is how results will come for you too!.

About the Author

David isn’t a touring pro golfer. Nor is he a pro-shop based teaching professional.

However he does play off a handicap of 1 and does know how to help other golfers sink more putts, become more confident on the green and eliminate doubts and nervousness over the ball. Why is this? It’s because he’s had to first-handily discover and learn how to overcome the yips, escalate his own confidence and start sinking putts consistently on the green.

Years ago, David recognized that putting was the weakest area of his golf game. And in order to win tournaments, he knew he had to tackle this area of golf that seemed so frustrating at the time.

He could drive the ball as far as any other, iron shots as crisp as the best, but when it came down to putting… (especially under pressure), it fell apart.

Something that seems so easy, like a 4 foot putt, can seem so unforgiving and so nerve-racking.

So in searching for answers, David read golf books after golf books, watched DVDs after DVDs, and in the end he realized that most of the advice would only work now and then. But nothing gave him consistent results.

Until he read the putting book written by Dr. Bob Rotella. Things started to click. It gave him hope.

So for the next few years, through trial and error, David managed to work things out, build his own confidence in putting from basically nothing to 100% rock solid certainty. Then he started to share his knowledge and teach other golfers his own methods, strategies and drills on sinking short putts, escalating putting confidence and eliminating doubts.

He knows what it feels like to have doubts on the green. He knows how humiliating it feels like to miss a short putt in front of a crowd and wishing it never happened. That’s why his methods are getting so many golfers results on the green.

What is included in the program Never Miss Short Putts?

The promise of this system is for you to gain both inner game (psychological) and outer game (putting methods and drills) skills and strategies so that you can sink short putts consistently, automatically and effortlessly. And as a result, you’ll double your confidence on the green, you’ll be twice as relaxed on the golf course and you will be respected and admired by your golf peer group.

There are 6 modules to this entire program. I definitely recommend you to go through the program in the order that it is given to you. (I’ve designed it this way to start easy and progress into the more advance material.)

This program is mostly formatted as MP3 audio files and PDF handouts. The reason is that you can conveniently load these up onto your iPod or MP3 player and listen on the go. I’ve also included module summary sheets as a way for you to reflect back on each module, to recap the main concepts and exercises.
(And yes, there are 2 exercises for every module, and it’s very important that you perform these before moving onto the next module… or else you will be limiting your own progress)

There will also be the occasion video where I will show you what to do, as audio and pictures just won’t do it justice.

Here’s a list of the modules that is included in Never Miss Short Putts.

Module 1 – The real inner game of making short putts

Module 2 – Starting the ball on the right line

Module 3 – Instant confidence in your putting

Module 4 – Secret visualization strategies

Module 5 – Hidden psychological boosters

Module 6 – The perfect putting routine

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