3 things NOT to do when you have the Yips

In order to cure the yips, you have to re-associate putting with different emotions and feelings. It’s the same concept as curing a phobia. It’s all about feeling a strong emotion, attach that to the idea of putting over and over again until this now becomes your dominate feeling towards putting.

Here are the 3 things you should never do when you have the yips.

1. Continue practicing putting the same way.

If you do the same things as you always have done, then you will simply get the same results you’ve always gotten! (meaning of insanity by Eistein)

In fact, it’s worse than that! You will reinforce what isn’t working, making it harder to reverse later on!

2. React based whether the ball goes in the hole or not.

The ball may not go in the hole even if you hit it perfectly, on the perfect line you chose and with the perfect pace. There are so many variables in the game, you can’t control everything. Maybe there’s a spike of grass sticking up you didn’t see, or a slight indentation in the green. The point is, reward yourself when you stroke the ball the way you want to, not whether it goes in the hole or not. You want to reinforce what you can actively do, not what you can’t control.

3. Work through the same putting routine as you always have.

Since you already have a bad association with your putting routine, why continue using it?

It’s much easier starting from scratch to build positive associations with a new routine, than try and reverse the negative associations you already have with you existing routine.

You should build a new routine that gives you strength and certainty and also helps you to align properly.